Thursday, 9 January 2014

New year news

Hello - I'm back after taking a little break for the Christmas holidays. I just LOVE this time of year for quality family time, and I feel so lucky that my husband had a whole two weeks off work... although, I was ready for him to go back once January came around! Normal, no? Anywhoo, I'm back with a renewed sense of determination. Setting yourself up as freelance opens you up to being overlooked and left without any work for periods, but this is all part of the territory - success is being able to carry on regardless. I have experience in the industry as an Editor, so I'm blessed to be on my old magazine's Design Team, and my first few pieces of freelance work have already arrived in print. Here it is - I had a total of 8 cards in the magazine, across three different features. Seeing your cards in print never gets old, I'm always thrilled to see it! The magazine hit the shelves on 2nd January, so it's in stores now and on sale online at but if you want a sneak peek, see below!

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