Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Stanley's 2nd Birthday!

Stanley turned 2 over two weeks ago and I can't believe I haven't documented it on here yet! We had a party at a local soft play centre followed by a day at Legoland Discovery Centre. It was an absolutely fantastic weekend, despite me being stunningly less organised than last year... gone were the handmade party invitations and party bags and in came the Facebook events manager and flimsy readymade bags. Time just wasn't on my side, so it seemed wise to use what time I did have strategically and focus on birthday presents, decorations and cake making. The cake was a homemade Thomas the Tank Engine cake that I made with my mum, and it went catastrophically badly - first when we didn't have enough blue icing to cover the cake (hence the red ribbons!), then when I attempted to add Thomas's nose and mouth using a piping bag (what was I THINKING?!). It was horrific, so I scraped that off and tried it with some pieces of royal icing. Much better! You can't make it out on this picture though - nor will you at all, as I forgot to get any photographs of the cake. Gah! Cake decorating definitely isn't something I'll be taking up soon... ;)

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