Thursday, 30 October 2014

Halloween fun

It's all gone a little Halloween crazy in our house this week, so what better way to celebrate this than with some spooky cards? I've had these stickers for what seems like forever and never had the chance to use them - I don't even know what brand they are! But I loved the beautiful glitter foam and just HAD to use it against a midnight-black card blank. I'm not one for using stickers usually (apart from letter stickers for sentiments and titles), but I loved how quick and fun these cards were, so I might have to dig out some more.
Halloween has never been huge in this corner of the world - it's just not as popular in England as in the U.S. Yes there are little parties at playgroups and nurseries, the supermarkets sell an array of costumes, decorations and sweets, but I don't think the British public really thrown themselves into it in the same way as their American cousins. Since Stanley came along I've enjoyed it more, which is why I've wanted to introduce him to some new activities to mark the occasion. I'm away down in the midlands for my lovely cousin's hen do on the actual day itself, so rather than miss out on the fun we've had a 'Halloween week' - my days at home with Stanley have involved making Halloween cupcakes like these banana and chocolate chip varieties. I hope next year includes a lot more baking!
Of course, Halloween wouldn't be complete without a (not too scary) pumpkin or two. Have I mentioned that I love this time of year?! Have fun, whatever you're up to! :)

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